Loving God, loving people



September 2017

Dear friends

It was a privilege for me to go on a six day silent retreat this summer. OK, I'll admit… it wasn't completely silent!! For 40 mins a day I discussed with the retreat guide what I was reflecting on. The rest of the time however, was silent. And in that silence, God spoke. Through the beautiful Sussex countryside that I was able to walk in and enjoy. Through times of rest, just sitting and enjoying his presence. Through key Bible passages I was able to take time to really chew on.

The challenge for me now, coming back to 'normal life' (whatever that may be) is to continue to find space and make room to hear God's voice. Much of life around us is busy and noisy and not exactly conducive to letting us sit at Jesus' feet (like Mary did - see Luke 10:38-42). So I know I need to be intentional with it, to set time aside.

Please pray for me as I seek to do this, and I will pray for you too. May you find God in your life, seeing him at work, perhaps finding him in the unexpected places. May you hear his still small voice to you. How much he really loves you and cherishes you, his precious child.

God bless


July/August 2017

Dear friends,

It's coming up to ten years that us Fosters have been at Howlands and looking back much has happened. At present we're on the cusp of The Commons Preschool going to start up in the annexe, with lots of building works going on in preparation. At the most recent church meeting it was voted that we don't continue explorations regarding us joining up with Christchurch. In the light of that we all need to seek the Lord for his plans and purposes for his kingdom; his will for us as we look to the future. This Sunday we have the excitement of Terry's baptism, but also the sadness of saying a (sort of) goodbye to David and Dianne.

In short there's quite a bit going on! I must admit however as I'm just about to have a mini-sabbatical in August, I'm ready for a break. I'd appreciate your prayers during this time. As well as taking sometime to recharge the batteries and do some reading, for one week I'm going on a silent retreat. I've never spent an entire day in silence, much less a week! Moses told the people: 'Be silent, Israel and listen!' (Dt. 27:9) and in the Psalms we hear God saying, 'Be still and know that I am God.' (Ps 46:10). It's important to have those times when we quieten ourselves before him so we can be attentive.

I'll look forward to seeing you all in September and let's look forward to the next season.

God bless